A Call From The Wild

Frozen 2
Animated Film: voices of: Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), Olaf (Josh Gad), Kristoff/Sven (Jonathan Groff), Mattias (Sterling K. Brown), Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood), Agnarr (Alfred Molina), Yelena (Martha Plimpton), Ryder (Jason Ritter), King Runeard (Jeremy Sisto), and Pabbie (Ciaran Hinds)
Directors: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
Scriptwriter: Jennifer Lee
Music Score: Christophe Beck
Walt Disney Pictures
Rating: PG but with scenes of violence and darker lighting
Running Length: 103 Minutes 

When I reviewed the first “Frozen” film several years, I wrote that the story may not be for children under age seven.  Many scenes of peril. Still stand by that.  “Frozen 2” is a good sequel to the first story, explaining family, trying to right past wrongs, and exploring. This story has monsters, darkness (some story line and visual darkness, also), great animation. characters, humor and many scenes of peril.  As with a Disney film, there is music, lots of it.  The two hit songs that will be sung, hummed and played for years to come---get used to it---are “Into The Unknown” sung by Elsa (Idina Menzel) and “The Next Right Thing” sung by Anna (Kristen Bell.)  “Into the Unknown” requires breath control and the ability to sing this song so people in the next town can hear it. 

The same characters are back with their expressions, wit and motions. Elsa is the Queen (with the power to turn things to ice) and Anna, her devoted sister, who likes Kristoff, who chops ice for a living. Kristoff has Sven, a reindeer and who steals the film even from Olaf, the walking snowman.  New characters are Mattias, a soldier, whom they meet on their travels and who know Elsa and Anna’s parents, and Yelena, a member of a new tribe. The story has Elsa hearing the call of a siren and no one else hears this.  Curious, she decides to go on a journey to find this sound producer, and of course, the rest of the group go with her. There are escapes, beautiful vistas, going into dangerous, fog-shrouded territory, and meeting two groups of people who have been fighting for years because of a supposed betrayal. Elsa and Anna are finding out about their late parent’s lives.  Elsa makes peace with the two groups, but then, they have to go against evil spirits in the forest. Elsa has to use her powers. As with Disney films, there is a satisfactory end, but expect to feel chilly when viewing the ice on the screen. 

Vocals are beautifully done and the soundtrack goes along with the film.  Not too much talking and not too much music.  Family comes first and when it comes to making friends, sometimes you have to make the first move. People argue and don’t know what they are arguing about, it takes a third party to intercede. You can mourn the past and still adjust to the present and future.  A Queen must protect her country first and that is a duty she owes.There are lessons to be learned for everyone here. 

My favorite character is Sven and I wonder if he is a cousin to Rudolph?



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