Life In An Hourglass

Courageous Warriors: Beauty from the Ashes
Narrated by Dee Wallace
Stars: Turi Aleta, Yung Te Wang Angelica, Rosalba Castillo, Louie Feher-Peiker, Doe Meagan and Darla Rae
Director: Darla Rae
Composer: Timothy Buckman
Cinematographer: Mike Carpenter
Film It Productions
Rating: no rating (view of a woman's breast after surgery)
Running Length: 95 Minutes

Breast cancer---the words are most difficult for a woman to hear from her doctor. Years ago, it was a death sentence. Today, with multiple treatments to choose from and support systems designed to guide a woman and her family through treatment, there is hope and hope again.  This documentary by Darla Rae is about surviving breast cancer, not only once but two and three  times.  Cancer is relentless, but the patient must be relentless, too, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

“Courageous Warrior” is divided into sections, from having the audience meet breast cancer survivors and hear their stories, to male breast cancer (yes, it happens), then on to support groups because emotions play a large part in healing.  You meet women who ignored the tiny lump in their breast for years, only to find out it was trying to kill them. Age doesn’t matter, even young women can get breast cancer, and it does run in families. You meet a man who was a caretaker for his wife as she went through treatment for a different type of cancer, only to find years later, that the lump he had been ignoring was male breast cancer.  Now he is a speaker for men to have mammograms the same as women.

What is discussed, also, is the attitude of men toward a beautiful woman who discovers she has breast cancer.  Who did he marry, the woman or the breast?  In my neighborhood was such a situation, the lady being a model and her husband left her at the hospital for surgery and then hired an attorney for a divorce.

Caregivers are such a help, as is a Nurse Navigator, from diagnosis on, the Navigator points the patient in the right direction and lets the Caregiver know what to do.  Sometimes one thinks they are doing the right thing, but it turns out not to be comfortable or even wanted by the patient. There are various forms of natural treatment, also, including essential oils

Last, the film shows one form of support and this is with horses.  Centered in Colorado is a horse therapy ranch where the horse chooses the patient they want to work with.

Any type of cancer is a battle to win, and this film focuses on breast cancer.  Having regular mammograms, beginning at an early age, can keep a woman alive to enjoy life with her family.

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