Over The Edge

Stars: Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Charlie Plummer, Kelly Yu, Michael Pena, Donald Sutherland, Carolina Bartczak and Kathleen Fee
Director: Roland Emmerich
Scriptwriters: Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser and Spencer Cohen
Composers: Thomas Wander and Harald Kloser
Cinematography: Robby Baumgartner
Centropolis Entertainment/AGC Studio/Lionsgate
Rating: PG 13
Running Length: 130 Minutes 

“Moonfall”  is a title that describes what the moon would do if it could see the film.  Not that “Moonfall” is awkward and slow at times, plus too long,  but the story line from director Roland Emmerich, could remind the audience that this scenario is similar to one from the “Star Wars” era, only involving an asteroid instead of the moon.  Emmerich, known for “Midway,” is not as his best here. The stars are Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and John Bradley, who steals his scenes with glee.

The main premise is that there is something wrong with our moon.  It will slowly begin to fall toward the Earth, thus demolishing the Earth and civilization. Within this short time span, astronauts have to travel to the moon and find out what is wrong---the backside of the moon not being explored of course. There are trails and tribulations, and then we see that there is something within the moon, not on the surface. Ok---now what to do?  Time is slipping by rapidly, and the moon is starting to move and not in the right direction, either.  On Earth, effects are beginning to be felt---the usual storms and feats of nature. Earth people don’t know what is going on until they really take a good look at the sky. This is more than climate change and the answer is unique. 

The main characters are Jo (Halle Berry) a former NASA astronaut, Harper (Patrick Eilson), also a former NASA astronaut. Then, there is a conspiracy theorist who just knows he is right about everything, KC (John Bradley.) Intermingled in the plot are family situations,  the military consultations and by this time, the audience, trying to figure out the plot, may go out for more popcorn. Acting is OK 

The special effects are good, including destruction of ships and buildings. The dialogue is uniquely sparse at times, except for KC, who chatters. All in all, “Moonfall” is barely adequate despite the publicity. For fans of director Roland Emmerich, here is another film for you, also Halle Berry fans. How early in the year do you start making your Best and Worst Films of the Year list?  It is the early part of February, and here comes “Moonfall.”  


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