bacheloretteAt first glance, especially at the poster, Bachelorette may seem like another Bridesmaids or female Hangover flick.


At first glance, especially at the poster, Bachelorette may seem like another Bridesmaids or female Hangover flick. There is no doubt that they want you to think that and are trying to woo in that audience. But the truth is that this film is more about female friendships and the bond that gets them through tough times.

Becky (Rebel Wilson) is getting married and calls upon her high school pals to be Bridesmaids at her wedding. The three chosen friends have mixed emotions about the event. Regan (Kirsten Dunst) is bitter since she expected to be the first of the group to be wed. She is certainly the smart one of the group and the most responsible. Gena (Lizzy Caplan) bounces from guy to guy and still can't get over bad decisions made in the past. Then there is Katie (Isla Fisher) who just wants to party hard no matter the cost.

This destructive threesome nearly ruin Becky's wedding and then have to spend 24 hours making it right. The script is full of worst case scenarios and you have to really just go with it and have some fun. Though it is Becky's wedding she takes a backseat in the film sort of like Doug did in Hangover. The few times she is onscreen though expect some hilarity. Wilson is a very funny comedienne and shines here. It was also a guilty pleasure to see Dunst let her hair down and get a little raunchy. The scene stealer though is Fisher who brings a role that makes her one in Wedding Crashers look like June Cleaver.

The off the wall, over the top antics are extreme. These four girls say and do things that would make many a guy blush. In fact there are quite a few role reversals in this one. There is no doubt that it is a female buddy flick. It screams girl power and gives the finger to modesty and sophistication. But if you are expecting the big party the poster gives you you might be a little disappointed. It is more about three girls getting through hurt and pain by joining together.

Bacheloretteis rated R for sexual content, pervasive language, and drug use. All three of these elements are prominent and to the extreme. You have to embrace crudeness to be able to survive this one. Sure it is hilarious at times but only for those who are comfortable with this sort of comedy. To be safe think of the worst possible content and then double it. Many may lose site of the deep emotional moments if caught off guard by the dialogue.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 torn hem lines. I know that in this day and age this is the direction that comedies are heading but I think the shock value is getting old hat. Maybe girlfriends do talk and act like this but I sort of doubt it. If anything it is an escape from reality and a chance for women to try and infringe on the boys club. But for the genre it is a solid film and each actress more than delivers the goods.

Matt Mungle

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