freedom fighter dvdThe message and images of Freedom Fighter serve as a wake-up call and a provocative call to action.
Freedom Fighter
Director: Chris Atkins
Format: Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC, Widescreen
Region: All Regions
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Destiny Image Films
Run Time: 1:21 minutes

The documentary Freedom Fighter is the story of Majed El Shafie – an Egyptian Muslim belonging to a prominent family of lawyers and judges. He had one big problem: he converted to Christianity. His conversion resulted in imprisonment under a death sentence, and torture. Eventually making his escape from a hospital to another jail cell in Israel, then eventually to freedom in Canada, Majed became a voice for untold numbers of practitioners of minority religions throughout the world who are being jailed, tortured, and executed for their faith.

A companion-piece to the book of the same name, Freedom Fighter features filmed interviews with El Shafie as well as news footage detailing international bias crimes against not only Christians, but Jews, Bahai's, Falun Gong adhereants and others. Director Chris Atkins, along with Majed, even takes us into a rescue situation where a Pakistani family (whose two and a-half year old daughter was raped as a punishment for her family's conversion to Christianity) is whisked out of hiding and brought to safety and freedom in the western world.

Certainly not a feel good film, Freedom Fighter is important, informative, compelling, and eye-opening. With typical documentary-style image quality and a haunting score, the story of Majed and various others becomes a vehicle for the unveiling of a vile network of political and religious domination that exists under the veneer of "tolerance" in places such as Egypt, China, Afghanistan, Israel, Iran and Iraq, Africa, and Pakistan.

The creation of El Shafie's One Free World International is a direct result of one man's compassion for those who are too trapped in a religious/political prison to help themselves. The message and images of Freedom Fighter serve as a wake-up call and a provocative call to action. Important viewing.

Bert Saraco

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