skyfallFrom beginning to end it is one of the most well rounded and perfectly made Bond films

It is safe to say that Daniel Craig has more than removed all the doubt from the naysayers who were in an uproar when he was named as the new James Bond a few years back. But for any stragglers who are still on the fence, the new Bond film Skyfall will secure him as an amazing 007.

This time around MI6 is the focus of a madman (Javier Bardem) and Bond (Craig) must bring him down. This will test his loyalty to M (Judi Dench) as well as make him face some of his own demons from the past. Skyfall has more action, intensity, and straightforward drama than many of the past installments. Add to that a criminal who will rank up there with some of the most memorable and what you have is a Bond for the masses; franchise fan or not.

Craig is my favorite Bond by far. As I catch many of the earlier films on TV the past few weeks it becomes apparent that the past agents were more concerned about being suave and keeping their hands clean. I never really stopped to think if they really could handle a "license to kill". Craig on the other hand has a rugged and tough exterior plus a steely gaze that truly speaks to the 007 life style. When he engages with the enemy you believe it where as with the Roger Moore's and Timothy Dalton's you kind of roll your eyes and wonder if they have ever really punched anyone.

Daniel Craig is matched step for step with Javier Bardem as Silva. There is an art to playing a maniacal character. It is more in the quiet brooding than the verbal outbursts. We have seen it before in characters like Hannibal Lecter and Anton Chigurh (also played by Bardem). Silva reinvents the Bond bad guy with a character that is scary while being admired and at times even likeable. Those who loved him in No Country for Old Men will absolutely be blown away with him here. Yes there are elements of Chigurh in Silva but with it comes a bit more flamboyance.

The supporting cast all deliver perfect performance to round out this Bond flick. Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, and Albert Finney show their veteran skills in making solid characters. SKYFALL is rated PG-13 for intense violent sequences throughout, some sexuality, language and smoking. Like all past Bond films this one is made for adults. Craig is a rougher Bond and so they allow him more chances for violent encounters. The action and thrills are non stop and certainly a too much for younger viewers. The language is very mild and even the sexuality is tame compared to the past Bonds. Again this is due to to making the character an action star and not a playboy.

I give it 5 out of 5 train rides. From beginning to end it is one of the most well rounded and perfectly made Bond films.

Matt Mungle

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