The Story of Luke as reviewed in Phantom TollboothIt is far too seldom that a movie can evoke both tears and laughter!

The Story Of Luke
Directed by:          Alonso Mayo
Produced by:         DViant Films 
Written by:            Alonso Mayo
Starring:               Lou Taylor Pucci, Seth Green, Cary Elwes, Kristin Bauer
Rating:                  PG13
Running Length:     95 minutes
Release Date:         April 5, 2013
Recently, I had the good fortune to attend the opening night of the Green Bay Film Festival. The opening film, The Story of Luke, had an impressive attendance near 400. The impression, which remains, is not of the crowd but he crowd’s reaction along with my own. Seldom does a film evoke both tears and laughter as often as this film had.

The Story of Luke is account of an autistic young adult male searching for manhood, love and independence. Born out of wedlock, left to be raised by his grandparents by his mother, forgotten by the world and family around him, Luke is left with few options. The story opens with the death and funeral of his protective grandmother. His aging and sometimes slightly off-center grandfather is soon entered into a partial care home by his son and hard-edged daughter-in-law. Luke, left to live with same uncle, wife and two teenage cousins is left with parting words by his grandfather “Get a job, find a girl, live your own life. Be a man!”

Tear-felt sadness is evoked by Luke’s losses and lifestyle related to his autistic condition. Comic relief is brought on by Luke’s misunderstanding of suggestion and insult given by those around him. Both emotions are the direct result of a very well written script, fine direction, and outstanding acting by Lou Taylor Pucci playing Luke and an outstanding supporting cast. Seth Green, playing Luke’s sarcastic, edgy boss, adds levity as only Green can. Throughout Luke’s endeavors to find employment, love, and independence the viewer is struck by the perils of autism while being entertained by a playful, yet strong-messaged script.

This is a rare and beautiful movie giving the message of what an autistic life can be like while providing the viewer with an entertaining viewpoint. As entertainment, it is far too seldom that a movie can evoke both tears and laughter, expressions so often left for quick selling violence, sex and cruelty. This alone makes The Story Of Luke well worth the price of admission.

Scott S Mertens


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