evil-deadDestined to be another cult classic. For some.

Believe it or not but there is a large number of movie fans that salivate (literally) over this genre and any mention of the original Evil Dead. So it only makes sense that the new film, produced by the original film makers, would be all the buzz. Granted these types of movies are never for the squeamish or faint of heart. And many would find them almost repulsive. But I have to say that even with all of that there is something quite splintered tongue in carved out cheek that make them in some way, fun.

The script is pretty close to the same as five friends get together in a remote cabin to try a drug intervention of a young woman. As with most cabins in the woods there is a book of the dead inside with a horrific curse that should never be spoken aloud. And as with most young people they heed no warning but speak it anyway. This summons a demon that begins killing them all off one by one.

Evil Dead offers so much for the fans of this genre. The look and feel of the cabin and the way the scenes are shot just dare you to try and not look away. Then when the killing begins you start to wonder how in the world they thought this stuff up. A persons mind can assume the worst but this film has the ability to take it even farther than you can imagine. If Hollywood had a quota of the gallons of blood, dismembered body parts, and outright gore that can be used in a year it is safe to say that this would be the last horror film of the decade. They used it all up on 90 minutes.

Evil Dead is rated R, strongly, for strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language. There is no nudity which makes this not an 80s horror film. They rely strictly on the gore to make this another destined cult classic.

Matt Mungle

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