This summer is full of sequels and even trilogies, and if this one is any taste of what is to come, this will be a summer to remember.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Boldly go to the theater to see the new voyage of the starship Enterprise in Star Trek Into Darkness. Director J.J. Abrams follows up his amazing 2009 film with a sci-fi adventure that has all the elements you loved in the first one with even stronger character dynamics. This summer is full of sequels and even trilogies and if this one is any taste of what is to come then this will be a summer to remember.

This time around there is one man (Benedict Cumberbatch) trying to bring destruction to the world and it is up to Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and crew to stop him. What they find is an adversary that is strong, calculating, and possibly unstoppable; unless they join him. Kirk must walk the line between what is right and what will work. As usual his rebellious nature causes him to come under scrutiny. He must learn to rely on the wisdom and advise of others to balance his full speed ahead spirit.

The entire cast is back in this one including Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Scotty (Simon Pegg), and Bones (Karl Urban). This cast is so solid that you almost forget that they have only been together one other time. The chemistry and interaction is smooth and unblemished. The fast paced dialogue and quick wit that made the other one so enjoyable is back in this one but never feels rehashed or regurgitated. It is fresh and funny. But Trek fans need not worry that the action takes a back seat. This one adds even more sci-fi adventure and out of this world feats. I loved the look of this film and even the 2D version loses nothing in depth and solar emersion. The edits are fast the action never bogs down.

Cumberbatch is familiar to fans of the Sherlock TV series and here uses that focused gaze to create a steely enemy that is menacing and chilling. His skills in both action and mental conversation elevate this film even more. It is a perfect addition to this award worthy ensemble. Again it must be stressed how well written this sequel is. It goes to show that you do not have to take a back seat and ride on the tails of the first film. It is very evenly balanced and like the 2009 version offers plenty to both die hard Trek fans and newcomers alike. The relationship between Kirk and Spock have to be spot on. Pine and Quinto are a perfect duo and must have studied the original series since they once again capture every aspect of the characters.

Star Trek Into Darkness is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence. It follows the template of the first one in that regard. There are a few very brief moments of sensuality and language but doesn’t use that to distract from the solid action. I easily give it 5 out of 5 metaphors. The film makers desired to outdo the original and succeeded in every way. I have a hard time finding one thing wrong with this film and how it works for the genre.

Matt Mungle

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