Monsters University movie poster. It's Pixar. It's funny, it's imaginative, it's education, but is it eight-year-old friendly?

One of the most popular Pixar films is Monsters, Inc. It had unique characters, witty humor, and an endearing story line. There was no question that we needed more from the franchise but the knack would be in recapturing the magic and keeping the comedy fresh and fast paced. In Monsters University they nearly succeed; the only issue being that they gave us a little too much.

In this story we go way back to the time when little Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) first dreamed of being on the scare floor of Monsters Inc. We follow him and his dream into college where he has to work hard at making the grade. He is certainly smart enough, but is he scary enough? Along the way we discover how he and Sully (John Goodman) become best friends and why that dratted Randall (Steve Buscemi) is so bent on being bad. They all have to prove themselves in the University's scare games where only the scariest come out on top. Full of new, funny monsters this one has a grand message and says a lot about friendship, trust, and discovering your true talent.

As with all Pixar films it is hard to find huge errors to point out. They are still number one in the game of seamless animation, effects, and writing. No one does it better. Even in this one the new monsters come alive and the 3D is never overdone or cumbersome. The graphics are pristine. Even the story is well thought out and never cuts corners or dumb it down for a younger audience. They tackle some serious life lessons and tap into the insecurities we all face, especially those starting out in the college arena. There are plenty of nods to the original yet they do not use it as a crutch.

The only thing that may take away from this one is the length and moments when the dialouge goes a bit long. This is a G rated film which means it is the perfect environment to take the youngsters who never get to see big films. Although the content is G rated it has more for the older crowd and plenty for the adults to enjoy. The problem is when you ask a toddler or 8 year old to sit still for right at two hours. especially when the movie goes into lengthy conversations. I think the writers had great material and I can understand the need to not edit, but that decision also may be a drawback in the end.

Monsters University is certainly a must see for fans of the first film. Billy Crystal and John Goodman do not miss a beat and have the same on screen voice chemistry as before. You certainly cant go wrong in seeing this one, just beware of the run time and be prepared to wrangle the younger viewers once they get antsy.

Matt Mungle

Review copyright 2013 Mungleshow Productions. Used by Permission.

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