glanternGreen Lantern is next in what seems like a long line of super hero action flicks.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern is next in what seems like a long line of super hero action flicks. While this is fantastic news for those who love the genre and read comics, for the rest of us it can get to be a little too much. Once again we are subjected to a vague back story and an average American citizen who has amazing power and responsibility thrust upon them. That is all well and good if the story line is solid and the characters humorous. But in this case we settle for mediocre and eye candy.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a hotshot pilot who has never known the meaning of the word fear. It is because of this trait that he is chosen by a celestial green ring that bestows him with out of this world power. Ownership of the ring also entitles him to join an elite group whose task is keeping peace within the universe. There is also of course the cliché love interest (Blake Lively), and super smart scientist (Peter Sarsgaard) who unwillingly becomes the arch enemy due to an experiment gone awry.

As with all the movies of this genre it is not important to have followed the comic book story or be able to pick him out of a lineup. We get plenty of back story to set everything up; almost too much. There are a lot of characters and history in the beginning which causes the film to start out a little slow. Plus with so much information needed they couldn’t spend a lot of time describing some of the more important elements. Again this isn’t needed to follow the movie but what you have is a thin, depthless arc causing me to not really care what happens in the rest of the movie. Sure I basically know who everyone is but I don’t care. I haven’t been given anything to emotionally attach me to them. And they are void of humor or anything remotely interesting to keep me engaged.

Reynolds does a fine job in the role of Jordan/Green Hornet. He is likeable in anything he does and has an endearing quality. Girls like him because he is really easy to look at and guys like him because he doesn’t seem aware that he is easy to look at. There is no vane cockiness about him. That helps a lot. If his character falls a little flat, and it does, I blame the writers far more than I do Ryan. There just wasn’t enough camaraderie and humor in this to make up for the dull moments. One standout element is Sarsgaard as Dr. Hector Hammond. He brings a certain Malkovich style to the role that makes him an intense bad guy but also a frail and at times methodical geek.

Lots of action in this one and the effects are above par. As always I suggest seeing it in the 2D format if possible. This will save you some cash and you won’t be subjected to the choppy and at times blurriness of the 3D version. There are laughable moments (though I am sure unintentional) where it is obvious they stole from movies like Star Wars, Independence Day, and the Trek realm. But not in a good way. I give Green Lantern 2.5 out of 5 ejection seats. Thin story and lack of humor make this one better suited as a Blu-Ray renter. There are certainly better films to see in the theater at the moment.

Matt Mungle


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