snakemongooseAuto racing fans seldom get films they can call their own. Unless they are animated and have talking tow trucks.

Snake and Mongoose
90 min - Sport

Auto racing fans seldom get films they can call their own. Unless they are animated and have talking tow trucks. So they should really rally around the new movie Snake and Mongoose. This story of two of racing's most famous and ground breaking drivers is a blast to the past and a pretty decent ride.

Taking place in the 70's this history telling flick follows Don 'The Snake' Prudomme (Jesse Williams) and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen (Richard Blake). You get to see their rivalry turned partnership, the deal with Mattel that changed auto racing, and the ups and downs of a sport that gets little attention. Full of archived drag racing footage and all of the imagery that made the 70's a decade to love.

The script is solid and the history certainly intriguing, even for non sports fans. I had no idea who either of these guys are yet I was drawn to their passion for the sport and how different it is from today's celebrity sports icons. The acting isn't stellar at many times I got the feeling the budget hindered many of the re-shoots needed to get the scene just right. It isn't horrible but noticeable during the more dramatic moments.

The best part of the film is watching how the sport of drag racing and funny cars evolved; thanks in part to the marketing sense of these two rivals. Seeing logos plastered all over the side of a car seems common place now and even then it was not unheard of. But they made it a business that propelled the sport and brought the drag racing world into the homes of little boys everywhere.

Snake and Mongoose is rated PG-13 for smoking throughout and some language. There is very little in this film that is offensive or would make for awkward moments. Certainly a fun move it watch, even as a renter, for fathers and sons. I give it 3 out of 5 green lights. Not a perfect move and not exactly worth the full box office price, yet one to keep on your radar especially if a fan of the sport.

Review: Matt Mungle
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