madecA intriguing look it gives into the world of high fashion publishing, modeling, and the life of this well loved and respected lady.

Mademoiselle C

If I mention the name Carine Roitfeld and you immediately know who I am referring to then the new documentary Mademoiselle C is a must see for you. If you do not know who this fashion stylist is then I would still recommend you see it just for the intriguing look it gives into the world of high fashion publishing, modeling, and the life of this well loved and respected lady.

This documentary follows Roitfeld as she starts her own magazine after leaving Vogue Paris. We get to watch first hand as she settles in to the NY life after leaving Paris, meets with photographers and models, and storyboards and shoots the first edition.  You literally witness the fashion business in a way that few outsiders get to see. It is a very fascinating look at the industry regardless of your sense of style or love of fashion. Full of celebrities and fashion Icons, Mademoiselle C is a well shot and expertly edited piece of work.

Carine Roitfeld is not only an interesting subject but also, at least as told here, a very nice and genuine lady. This is not the Devil Wears Prada that American audiences are used to when thinking of fashion editors. She is serious about her craft but also very personable and motherly. The way she interacts with her staff and when on location at shoots gives you the idea that she is a respecter of persons above all else. She doesn’t come across as vain or egotistical which makes the film more enjoyable.

Her sense of style and creative imagination has been highlighted often over her 30 year career. In this film we get a look back at those moments and see how they impact her current choices. It is fun to watch her work on set and see the shots as they play out in front of the camera. They are like little movie productions, all for that one second frame that gets printed.

The film is unrated and contains brief adult language and nude images. The content is not graphic and the camera does a good job of hiding things when possible. Fans of fashion mags will love this. Granted it is more about capturing the style then the actual fashion. That rare look into a billion dollar industry makes this a good choice for even the most casual observer. I give it 4 out of 5 flash bulbs. I had never heard of Roitfled but walked away admiring her achievements and drive.

Matt Mungle

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