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How a small community copes when tragedy happens and “Everybody’s got something to hide.”

brokencityHatred Is Another Actor In The Room

Broken A Musical as reviewed by The Phantom TollboothTween pop stars try their hands on the stage, to good effect.

brooklynMaureen O'Hara Could Have Played This Role

bullyNo Fun To Be A Kid

burntWildly engaging and deeply emotional story about one such fictional Chef.

BytheseaRegardless of its Academy Award potential it it not necessarily a film for everyone.

cakeThis adult drama is an unapologetic story treated passionately by fine acting.

calvaryMemorable characters and thoughtful dialogue make this a strong movie with little in the way of unnecessary clutter.

calvaryThe Question Of The Ages

Captain America: The First Avenger as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothFreedom Fighter He just seems to have so much fun tossing that shield around.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You Know They Are Bad When They Are Shooting At You

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