Gideons Army - Warriors of LoveRetroactive scores again with another underground classic resurrected and cleaned up for the digital age.

Title: Warriors of Love
Artist: Gideon’s Army
Label: Retroactive Records
Time: 10 tracks/40:38 min.

Gideon’s Army seems to be one of those underground bands that everyone has heard of but few really know that many details about. At one point if you wanted to listen to them you had to shell out money for their rare releases or listen to some decent-ish bootleg mp3s from… well… less than legal sources.

Now you can get an official release that sounds and looks miles better than anything you could have found anywhere else up until now. Retroactive Records really knows how to pick quality people to clean up these classic releases. The artwork and sonics are spot-on.

As far as the music itself? If you were into the keyboard-laced hard rock of the mid-eighties, chances are you will enjoy this disc. Imagine a band that mixes equal parts of the 1980’s era of bands like Night Ranger and Petra together and you will get an idea of the sound. You know, the kind of sound that serious metal heads acted like they were too cool to listen to, but secretly cranked at home when no one was around. Or, for those of you that didn’t know any metal heads, think the “jam songs” that they played at most skate rinks back in the day. In fact, you are probably going to swear that you have heard songs like “It’s Your Love” or “No Fun” in the background of some explosion-laden action flick.

The liner notes are pretty sparse, but knowing Retroactive’s track record that is probably due to just general lack of information on the band. Chalk up another high-quality re-issue in the books.

By Matt Crosslin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)(October 16, 2013)

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