Delicate, beautifully rendered songs from Jeff Johnson and company, with a more melodic bent than you might expect....

Jeff Johnson
Ark Music
8 tracks / 49:55

Jeff Johnson, a pioneer of ambient/jazz/new world instrumental music in the Christian market, once again brings his special blend of Celtic-influenced contemplative sounds on Winterfold, the newest release on his own Ark Records label. Johnson, who has often decorated his aural landscape with natural sounds such as rain, crunching leaves and running streams, this time delivers eight instrumental pieces in a purely musical context, featuring his own keyboards, Phil Baker on bass, Tim Ellis on guitar, Wendy Goodwin on violin and Johnson's frequent collaborator Brian Dunning on flutes, whistles and accordion, apart from any ambient augmentation. The songs are more concise and less meandering than Johnson's recent work with guitarist Phil Keaggy. For those looking for a more solid melody to grab hold of, these delicate, beautifully rendered songs will be a welcome addition to your instrumental music library.

Bert Saraco