Love Lead the Way by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir album cover. A massive choir, great solos, and precise diction allow love to lead the way.

Artists: The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir with vocal soloists Brandon Camphor, Joanne Brown, Onaje Jefferson, Kevin Lewis, Jason Michael Webb, Karen Melendez, Caleb Collins, Pam Pettway, Durell Comedy and Alicia Olatuja.
Director: Carol Cimbala
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir 2013
15 Tracks
Running Length: 70 minutes

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir was formed in 1981 and has been going strong every since with five Dove Awards and Six Grammys. Director Carol Cimbala has over 280 people in the group and they have just issued this album, Love Lead The Way, with 15 tracks.

This is a well-toned, precise group. The only familiar melody you may recognize on this CD is an energetic rendition of "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic." The mix of songs runs from enthusiastic ("Let Your Kingdom Come" with soloist Brandon Camphor) to an all-choir prayerful song of "Breathe," to a rousing "The Man" (with soloist Karen Melendez) and then a ballad-like "Take Me As I Am" (also with soloist Melendez). Accompaniment is full with acoustic piano, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion.

There is a good listening mix here beginning with "Let Your Kingdom Come" (with soloist Camphor) and "...reach out to the nations." "I Won't Go Back" is a slower song and the accompaniment provides a good backdrop for Kevin Lewis. The playful "Breathe," is one of my favorites on this CD, done at a walking pace with the words, "Spirit of God, open my eyes, breathe on me." Another favorite is "Take Me As I Am" with soloist Melendez backed by a string arrangement and "humbled now and broken, take me as I am." With such a large choir, there is no problem with the listener understanding lyrics, which is sometimes a problem, but not here, and there is an added bonus---the lyrics are also in the program notes. Enjoy.


Copyright 2013 Marie Asner

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