Royal Taylor. Royal Taylor returns with a beat that just won't quit and a cut by TobyMac.

11 tracks, 43 minutes

Essential Records/Provident Music Group

Royal Tailor has put together a strong, well-crafted album here. Their sophomore effort is by no means a slump, with hooks designed to pack the dance floor. From the moment the disc starts, the energy is high and never relents.

In the early ‘90s, established artists looking to market themselves as young and hip would call DC Talk in. In the 2010s, young bands seeking to establish their presence call on the veterans. Royal Tailor features TobyMac on the retro-funk “Jesus Love,” an anthem of praise.

“But You called and I heard and just soon enough
I got struck by that Jesus love…”

The album is full of big sing-along vocal moments, most notably on “Got That Fire,” the aforementioned “Jesus Love” and “Ready Set Go” (featuring Capital Kings). Though they’re a young group, several high-profile tours have caused them to really hone their sound.

If I have one complaint about the album, it is precisely that slick-produced sound. While this album is catchy, much of it doesn’t really stand out from the other acts on Christian hit radio. There are a couple of slightly down-tempo tracks, “You Are My Rescue” and “Remain”, designed for that radio audience.

The album finishes strong, with the haunting “Fight for Freedom (Let the Walls Fall)”:

“Everyone’s in need of grace that brings us freedom…
Take the limits off, no fear, we will fight for freedom
We can change it all, let the walls fall…we will fight for freedom”

The tag out clarifies what walls the band is referring to:

“Judgment and hatred, religion and politics
Preferences and prejudice, these walls are coming down”

This is a strong sophomore offering. If the band can avoid sounding like everything else on CHR (and tracks such as “Fight for Freedom” and “Jesus Love” do that), they could go far.

Josh Marihugh


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