shineA pleasant surprise, indeed. The kids are all right.

10 tracks, 32 minutes
North Point Music/EMI

I’ll just start by saying that this album was a pleasant surprise. Children’s worship albums can be a tough field. Balancing fun with reverence can often be difficult, leading on one hand to albums that are fun but teach nothing, and on the other hand to albums that are deep and theological, but bore the audience to distraction.

North Point’s kids department has successfully navigated the abyss, with a tight, fast-paced disc that should please children AND their parents. The lyrics present the wonder and majesty of our God on a level that children can comprehend and worship with, such as this lyric from “Look At Our God”:

“We shout, say Wow! Look at our God!
God, we love You, God we praise You…”

Simple, certainly, but that’s the point.

“Tell The World” sounds as if Katy Perry returned to her roots; both “Tell the World” and “Thank You” would be at home in a modern dance mix.

“Unlock the Power” is a rock anthem showcasing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It is a potent reminder that we do not face this world alone.

“God, You have the power, You are the one and only…
I need the power, unlock the power
I can do all things!”

The final track is an electronica-infused rap cut designed to teach the books of the Bible. “Books of the Bible” is a fun one, even if it is (comparatively) the weakest track on the album. It features a great reference that parents will get, even if their kids don’t:

“Then a couple of guys who were up to some good (Ezra, Nehemiah)
They helped build a wall around the neighborhood…”

Bottom line: If you have children, they should enjoy this album, and you won’t cringe at either the production or overly-cheesy lyrics. We don’t have children, and I’ve still listened to this more than a few times in the past couple of weeks, especially album highlights “Unlock the Power”, “Thank You” and “Look at Our God.”

Josh Marihugh


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