Sal Paraqdise Yesterday, Today and Forever as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothWelcome back Sal Paradise, I hope you don't spend a decade and a half between this and your next record.

Yesterday, Today and Forever
Artist: Sal Paradise
Label: Indie
Length: 20 tracks/48:19 minutes

Some folks may remember a time when Tooth & Nail records was a fledgling company, and rather than constantly trying to sign the next big crossover success they focused musicians with an artistic vision, regardless of its sales potential - cue obligatory references to Starflyer 59 and Joy Electric. Back in those days it was not uncommon for a band to release one record on the label before disappearing into obscurity. One such group was Sal Paradise.

Releasing one LP just over 30 minutes in 1996, the band left a negligible mark on the industry. _Further_ was a pleasant, lo-fi, poppy affair Similar to label mates Joe Christmas, and bringing to mind the shoegazing movement of the early nineties, if only they turned their amps down a bit and used some acoustics here and there. I got the record for free in a box full of free records. It was nice, but nothing groundbreaking.

I was surprised to find out recently that this group of Australians was still recording music over a decade later, having released a couple of EPs since Further, none of which made it into North American stores. Now the band has decided to self-release what is essentially the proper follow up to Further. It may be about fourteen years too late, but hey, it's nice to get it!

What's even more surprising than the fact that Sal Paradise still exists is that this album sounds like it could have been recorded in 1997 as a direct follow-up. This album revels in the low-fi indie sounds of the early nineties. It sounds like a time capsule right out of that period. With that being said, fans of that genre, or of Sal Paradise's prior music will appreciate this new album, although, much like Further, Yesterday, Today Forever offers little in the way of innovative songwriting or obvious hits to attract new fans. It's a solid record, nothing more, nothing less. Welcome back Sal Paradise, I hope you don't spend a decade and a half between this and your next record.

Noah Salo