Hortor - Dios de Dioses. Extreme, blistering black metal is on the menu for the return of Mexico's Hortor. Dios de Dioses (aka "God of Gods") will not disappoint the extreme metalheads of the world.

Title: Dios de Dioses
Artist: Hortor
Label: Bombworks Records
Time: 10 tracks/41:32 min.

After starting off with a brief keyboard/spoken word intro, Hortor blasts into nine tracks of blistering black/death metal without looking back. I hear a few touches of doom and thrash here and there that add some variety and maturity to this release.

The song titles are all in English, but the lyrics sound like they are sung in Spanish (no lyrics in the liner notes). I know some are not interested in albums sung in languages they don’t know – but can anybody really understand half the words in black/death metalanyways?

{module Possibly Related Articles - Also search our Legacy Site}The main attraction of this genre is the intensity, the intricacy, and the interplay between various aspects, and Hortor has all of that down on this release. Bombworks knows how to pick bands in this field of extreme metal, and Hortor is no exception.

By Matt Crosslin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

3.5 of 5 tocks.

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