Matt SchofieldSchofield infuses a sophistication and elegance into every track on the album, managing at the same time to keep things hot and funky as well...

Far as I Can See
Matt Schofield
Provogue Records / Mascot Label Group
11 tracks 61:20

With nine originals and two cover tracks on Far As I Can See, Matt Schofield proves that he isn't simply one of the best British blues guitarists around today (Guitarist Magazine) – he's one of the best of the current crop of blues guitarists, period.

With soulful vocals that sound more at home in Georgia than Manchester, and a guitar style that's as dirty as it is elegant, Schofield covers a wide variety of blues genres from Allman Brothers-style southern blues, to Stevie Ray-style Texas blues shuffles, to Memphis, to the club downtown. Sometimes a trio, sometimes augmented by a sizzling horn section, Schofield's Far As I Can See has something for every mood of blues you can think of.

There's no sense of grandstanding here – no conscious effort to out-play or dazzle – Schofield simply seems to love playing the blues, which he does very, very well. To really begin to see the scope of his vision, listen to "The Day You Left," a slow, steaming composition recorded 'live' in one take. Along with some inspired drumming by Jordan John, smokey keys by Jonny Henderson, and restrained but evocative bass by Carl Stanbridge, the guitarist elevates the song into a signature moment - Schofield infuses a sophistication and elegance into this and every track on the album, managing to also keep things hot and funky at the same time.

Edge to edge, Far As I Can See is a must for blues fans.

-Bert Saraco

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