HannaHA side-serving of classical piano that fans of SHEL should find quite appetizing – Hanna hits the keys...

Late Bloomer
Artist: Hannah Holbrook

indie /  Moraine Records
5 tracks / 16:30

Hanna Holbrook is one-fourth of the acoustic indie/folk/classical/rock/pop sister act from Colorado, SHEL. The name of the group is an anagram of the four siblings' names, so here you have the 'H' in Shel, and this keyboard player/composer is a formidable talent all by herself.

Late Bloomer is a brief sampling of Hannah's solo piano work - her compositions ranging from the lighthearted, airy title track to the quiet etude, “Eloise,” to the romantic “Transylvanian Chase,” to the busy and intricate “Tango On A Tightrope” and finally, to the ambitious closing track, “First Flight” (the only track with accompaniment) with Jonathan Yudkin on strings.

A completely instrumental work that fits into the light classical genre, Holbrook plays with skill and emotion and her compositions are delightful. When there's an echo of pop in the mix I'm reminded of the piano work of Biff Rose. SHEL usually includes a classical moment or two in their stage act and this brief collection should be well-received by any fan of the Holbrook sisters, and serves as a good musical half-way house for the younger listener who might be too scared of the C-word. Late Bloomer is a tasty side-dish to accompany a full serving of SHEL. Maybe some classical mandolin next...?