Atash-EverythingIsMusicMasterfully played world music that trully embraces more than one cultural flavor into the mix. This is world music in the truest sense.

Title: Everything is Music
Artist: Atash
Label: Independent
Time: 9 tracks/52:24 min.

“World Music” is a pretty American ethno-centric term. We tend to label everything “non-American/European” as “world.” Most bands that earn this label focus on the music from one or two countries. Atash is closer to a true “world music” band in that they meld several styles from around the world into their music.

The Middle Eastern and Indian influences are most noticeable, but everything from rock to Caribbean to Celtic also float in and out of the tunes. There is a lot to hear on this album for all types – strong percussion, groovy rhythm, complex instrumentation, skillful vocals, etc. “Talangor (Flick!)” starts off with a pretty aggressive rhythm before transforming into a truly beautiful chorus. “Sahara Spring” (ironically enough) is one of the songs that shows off the Caribbean and other non-Asian/Middle Eastern influences (even though those are still present).

Various styles of classical and modern Middle Eastern music are the main sound present throughout the album – along with the sitar – but overall, a nice blending of many styles into a cohesive, masterful, enjoyable album.

By Matt Crosslin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)(April 17, 2014)


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