CaseyDarnellCasey Darnell is a rising talent with a gift for lyrics
Casey Darnell
Artist: Casey Darnell, vocals and acoustic guitar. 
Accompanying musicians: Mike Payne, guitar; Jacob Lowery, bass; Ben Phillips, drums; Tim Lauer, keyboards; Eric Darken, percussion; Chris Lockwood, background vocal.
North Pointe Music/Capital Christian 9972190821 (2014)
11 Tracks
Running Length: 40 minutes
Casey Darnell wanted to play basketball, but music took him into another area. He resides in the Atlanta, GA area and is affiliated with North Pointe Church. Casey took inspiration for some of the songs in his second album from current events, “What Will You Do” was written after the school shootings in Connecticut or “I Will Stand By You” for the many troubles in today’s world. His first album, in 2011 was titled “Coming Alive.”
Sounding remarkably like “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen on “Marvelous,” Darnell’s lyrics raise hope in “…how marvelous, you are the hope that fills my life..” This continues in “Strong Enough,” with  " make promises and you keep them…” “We Believe”  is a softer song for peace and “..believe in a light that fills the night,” with rhythmic arrangement. “I Will Stand By You” is for those moments when someone is bone-tired and hears, “I will walk with you through desert lands, I will lift you from the sinking sand.” For desperate moments, “What Will You Do?” says ..”I will run to the arms of the one who carries me..hold on to the anchor of my soul..”
Lyrics are powerful with emotional content in these songs. My favorites are “Over And Over” and the rhythmic “I Will Stand By You.” Casey Darnell is a rising talent with a gift for lyrics and one wonders what a Christmas/Holiday album would hold.
Copyright 2014 Marie Asner
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