Building 429 Listen To The Sound as reviewed in Phantom TollboothIn this offering, Building 429 has again found their true cadence.


Listen To The Sound

Artist: Building 429

Label: Essential / BMG

Release Date: May 10, 2011

Duration: 10 tracks, 36:58

Building 429’s debut LP, Space In Between Us, shined with a raw emotional power laying the foundation for solid praise, worship, and meaningful story telling. Over the course of 5 albums and changes in band members the message remained consistently powerful but the musical energy lapsed. With Listen To The Sound the energy was returned, in force!

This album stands on its own with a high level of production value and a maturity earned while the band cut their teeth over years of touring and studio work. As a rocker, this is the best B429 effort since Paul Bowden, former lead guitarist, left the band. At that point that slightly raunchy guitar work (raunchy guitar play in way that’s loose and not restricted, but full of life) that was an early trade mark of the band’s sound had gone. That sound is what George Harrison gave the Beatles and why Mick Jagger wanted Ronnie Wood to leave The Faces to join The Rolling Stones. This raw, emotional sound has returned with Listen To The Sound.

A rich grouping of songs sets the stage for this album. “Made for You” kicks off the LP with Jason Roy’s rich, earthy voice presenting a rocker ending with a terrific chorus. A new dimension for B429 follows with “Right Beside You” showcasing a duet between Roy and Dawn Michelle of Fireflight. “One Foot” is a guttural soft rocker while the title cut, “Listen to the Sound,” is the album’s cornerstone showing the lighter, rhythmic consistency of Building 429’s catalogue. “Where I Belong” shines with lyrical energy:


All I know is I'm not home yet
This is not where I belong
Take this world and give me Jesus
This is not where I belong


Synergy exists between two powerful songs. “You Save Me” with a strong chorus and “Where I Belong” with strong bass and percussion. The remainder of the tracks are tried and true B429 fair with heart felt lyrics of hope and praise accompanied by strong melody.

The combination of finding their ‘sway’, the signature vocals of Jason Roy, and well written songs gives Building 429 another winner in Listen To The Sound. In this offering, Building 429 has again found their true cadence.


SS Mertens


4.5 tocks