Bona_Head_Colours_Doors_Plant_px90Colours Doors Planet could be a modern day ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)

Colours Doors Planet
Artist: Bona Head
Label: Independent
Release Date: February 14, 2011
Duration: 10 tracks, 44:27

Colours Doors Planet is the first solo effort of Roberto Bonazzoli, an Italian musician and member of the Brit pop rock band SHW. With synth heavy electro alternative pop and vocals occasionally reminiscent of Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Colours Doors Planet attempts to chronicle a 3 part story earmarked by chapters Door1 (green, yellow, red), Door 2 (violet, blue, black) and Door 3 (brown, rose, green).

Beyond song writing, Bonazzoli performs everything from keyboards and synth to guitar, harp and vocals. Beginning with “Overture (The Traveller),” a harsh synth-laden entry, the first chapter opens with “Fog,” a dream-like track with heavy bass and lilting vocals. “Kites (Lost in Thought)” follows with a plus melody giving way to mundane ramblings until the second chapter concludes with “September Shock”, a display of good lyrics and an excellent chorus. Again, two songs pass while the third and last chapter ends with impressive vocals on “Kepler.”

Colours Doors Planet could be a modern day ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) if not for inconsistency in the story line developed by the album’s song selection and mix. In this, the story is lost and like so many synth laden electro pop offerings the collection is spatial, not special.

SS Mertens