brettlarsonThe Howl Of The Wind
One Of These Roads
Artist: Brett Larson
Artists: Brett Larson (vocal and guitars), Dave Strahan (electric and pedal steel guitars), Quillan Roe (bass and vocals), Jake Hyer (fiddle, mandolin and vocals), Angie Talle (vocals), Erik Brandt (piano, organ, accordion) and Levi Stugelmeyer (drums)
House Of Mercy Recordings 89577-72522 (2014)
House of
Running Time: 35 minutes
11 Tracks
Brett Larson is from central Minnesota, close to Mille Lacs Lake and the howling wind that comes off the lake in the wintertime, or the sound of ice cracking in the spring. This CD has loss, love, love lost, plus a religious theme in “Going Home.” His voice has a slight rasp reminiscent of the late Johnny Cash, in fact in “Up Here on the Border,” he does sound like Cash passing through North Dakota in January.
Instrumentation is well done and the fiddle accompaniment, especially in “Dead End Road,” a bad boy song. “…keep going straight, don't turn my way, I'm a dead end road…this road has not been maintained…”   “Going Home” is about a person, broken, who, at the end, humbly asks to "…bring that bread and wine to my tongue….I can almost see that table…”
My favorites are “My Town Now”  and  “…they don't stare at you anymore….I'm not looking back…”  Then, “You Will Be My Spring” in which a couple grows old together and he says, “..on the day my breath goes cold, you will be my light…” 
Brett Larson knows how to weave lyrics and reach the listener. His first CD was “All The Way Wrong” and the second, “Driftin' Along.” “One of These Roads” is his third album, and we hope there are more to come.
Copyright 2014 Marie Asner
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