celldweller celloutI prefer what Klayton puts out in mini-discs over someone the likes of Moby anyday.


Cellout EP 01
©2011 Independent

Klayton, aka Celldweller, has been involved in the realm of electronic music for some time now. The multi-instrumentalist, and dare I say, somewhat of a visionary for all things digital music, had garnered quite the underground cult following with the early-late 90’s industrial band Circle Of Dust and Argyle Park, not to mention his Angeldust collaboration with Criss Angel. All of this, that is, until he went the solo route around 2000.

Saying all that, I recently was fortunate to catch the first leg of his first tour in five years in my hometown of Buffalo. Teaming with fellow FiXT artist Blue Stahli, this “Cellout EP 01” is a studio recording of live alternate versions of songs dating back to his self-titled gem from 2003 and his Wish Upon A Blackstar series started in 2009. These mixes, in some shape or form, were used during this dynamic audio/visual tour. The songs, as on Wish Upon A Blackstar, have more of a modern dance groove to them, with the occasional veering down the industrial lane. The disc starts with remixes from the self-titled, “Our Own Little World (Klayton’s We Will Never Die Mix)” and “Frozen (Celldweller vs. Blue Stahli) followed by a nice mash-up of two recent songs, “The Best It’s Gonna Get vs. Tainted”. The disc rounds out with three hybrid instrumental mixes of the first three songs.

So, basically, it’s a layered mini-EP with instrumentals thrown in. Not as simple as this, but the music has a sort of droning magical quality that pulsates through you. I prefer what Klayton puts out in mini-discs over someone the likes of Moby anyday.

June 2011