elisakateClose your eyes, press ‘play’, and I swear that you’re listening to one of the greats of American soul!

Rising Above (2014)
Artist:  Elisa Kate www.elisakate.com 
Label:  independent
Length:  5 tracks /21:09 minutes

Set your CD player or iPod, or whatever it is you play recorded music on, to the title track (track 3) of Elisa Kate’s Rising Above EP.  Close your eyes, press ‘play’, and I swear that you’re listening to one of the greats of American soul!

Introducing Elisa Kate – Australian indie soul/pop artist.  Following her first Melbourne tour and her inspiring Live@theChapel set, I sent her the following text: “Great EP by the way – there’s so much soul to your God-given voice and music!”  What you get with Elisa Kate’s music is her own uniquely seamless blend of pop & soul with hints of jazz & blues.  One reviewer describes her music as “Catchy inspiration for your chilled-out summer days.”

No newcomer to the Australian music scene, Elisa Kate’s Rising Above EP is her 4th CD release to date.  She has collaborated with Australian music legend Rick Price.  Even Sony’s Paul Dickson (the man who discovered Australian rockers Powderfinger) took a shine to her debut album Treasure in 2009, deeming it “real talent”.  Earlier this year she took her first international tour to the US.  

The EP’s theme is to quote Elisa “…I hope these words inspire you to ‘rise above’ difficulties in life and to never give up, no matter what.”  It is possible with God’s grace to rise above the ups & downs that life throws up at us.  Elisa Kate, through these songs, speaks from personal experience. 

In the EP’s opening track, the first single Taking This Flight, she relates how she has risen above the cruel joke of being told by a former music teacher that she couldn’t sing. (One would have to wonder if said teacher was either tone deaf or a tad jealous of Elisa’s soulful vocals.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8tlznmJHA4      

She has also risen above the struggles of singleness and relationship breakdown in the touching song Must Say Goodbye

In the EP’s closer, On My Side, she shares the quiet assurance that God is on her side.  It’s this conviction that is the key to her rising above whatever she has faced or will face in the future.

Matt McLaren's production of Elisa’s music is flawless, creative and very true to who she is as an artist.  Her music is well-suited to both mainstream & Christian-owned radio.  Highly recommended if you like Joss Stone, Missy Higgins, Diana Krall.

Frank Rasenberger     November 2014