Burlap To Cashmere Live 1999 px90 Listening to Live 1999 makes the listener want to book an immediate flight to anywhere B2C may be performing next.

Live 1999
Artist: Burlap To Cashmere
Label: Burlap To Cashmere
Release Date: 2014
Duration: 6 tracks, 34:18

This EP, the third to be recently offered, provides six live takes on many of Burlap To Cashmere’s most popular songs. This ‘From The Vault’ release is very up-tempo with the addition of keys giving the songs new life.  Live 1999 is a much hotter live version than the previously released 1997 Live At The Bitter End EP.

With a much more theatrical beginning to “Anybody Out There” than heard previously, this version stays with the listener. With smooth mixing and great melody. “Mansions” showcases smart percussion and underlying organ. A heavily bass driven version of “Skin Is Burning” picks up the pace followed by an early take on “Seasons”, released initially on Steven Delopoulos’ 2003 release, Me Died Blue, and later on the 2011 B2C self-titled album showing some new heat in this prolonged live version

The close harmonies of Delopoulos and guitarist John Philippidis lay the foundation to “Dialing God”. Long awaited on record by their fan base and often heard live, perhaps the time has come for this little known B2C performance favorite to be recorded for the masses. Philippidis’ guitar solo on Dialing is but a small taste of what he gives live. The emotion of this live version is truly full of the emotion only a live performance can evoke. The mix cuts quickly to “Basic Instructions” with a spirited version of the B2C classic. This extended live version sports hot a percussion solo and added synth.

Listening to Live 1999 makes the listener want to book an immediate flight to anywhere B2C may be performing next.

Note: B2C has offered four EPs from their vaults in 2013 / 2014 to promote their new, full length LP due out December 2014. Funding for the new LP is by fan pledge funded through pleadgemusic.com. Pledges at this writing have exceeded goal.


Scott S Mertens