quinndeveauxsmallA nostalgic trip back to a time when music was less sophisticated but maybe a bit more fun...

Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review
QDV Records
14 tracks / 44:30

Sounding like a bridge between the rock and R&B sounds of the 50s and pre-British Invasion sounds of the early 60s, Originals has a party vibe about it without sounding musically condescending or camp. Similar to the way the music of Dan Hicks seems to naturally emerge like music from another era, the music on this album (yeah, let's call it an album) sounds like it comes naturally to Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review.

Occasional nods to gospel are offset by lyrics that usually veer toward pleasures of a more earthly persuasion – but isn't that where R&B started, anyway? The piano based songs are delivered in an energetic style, backed by drums, bass, guitar and the occasional trumpet. The lyrics often revolve around friends and characters that sound like they might inhabit any town in the early sixties. True to form for albums like this one back in the day, there's a mostly-instrumental track called "Lil Papa" (which are the only words in the song, spoken at the end) that serves as a minor-league, more rock & roll oriented "Green Onions" with a minimalist riff surrounded by some healthy grooves and instrumental solo breaks.

The bottom line is that everyone on this recording sounds like they're having a good time, and you're invited to the party. Nothing fancy – come as you are. These are songs that exist mostly for the moment, creating a fun, inviting atmosphere to hang out in. The instruments are well-played but not over-the-top. Everything's in tune ...or close to it.

A little rock, some R&B, a touch of blues and a whisper of gospel make Originals a nostalgic trip back to a time when music was less sophisticated but maybe a bit more fun.

-Bert Saraco