nthascensionThis is the beauty of this album, it is progressive rock element with a relaxing flare to it.

Ascension of Kings
Artist: Nth Ascension
Sonic Vista Records
56 Minutes

When I got the new cd from Nth Ascension, I was unsure what to expect.  I had not previously heard their music.  This, perhaps, prepared me for an unbiased look at something t at was quite a treat for the listening ear.  When the first song, Fourth Kingdom, began play, I was immediately drawn in through an almost spooky sound of wind, followed by a good, heavy bass beat.  A slow and heavy procession that got in my head, met by some good heavy guitars and keyboards.

Alan Taylor’s vocals then traveled through the speakers…  A great voice that made me think of a cross between Elvis Presley and Eric Clayton from Saviour Machine.  His voice matched well with the imagery of a showdown between the Ancient of Days and evil.  The keyboards echoed through the entire album, and was done quite well- I am not usually a fan of keys in rock music, however, they integrated it very well.

The album started off well, and to be honest, carried through strong.  From Strange Dreams, which seemed to hit the more upbeat side of rock, to the progressive instrumental Return of the King, they blend all the instruments well.  The music is smooth and flowing, never choppy.  Despite the rock influence, it was a very relaxing listen.

I really liked the smoothness of Overture (Clanaan Pt. 1).  It made me think it would be a good backdrop for video of interstellar scenery flowing through space…  the heavy bass was like a massage to my eardrums, and overall a great piece to just sit down and think to.  Instrumentals are far from a favorite of mine, but this is by far one of the most enjoyable I have ever experienced.

The 5th song, Realm With A Soul (Clanaan pt. 2), once again looked to the elements for an introduction. A very relaxing sound of flowing water, like a stream or a river…  I love the naturistic sounds they have incorporated into the album.  The keyboards flowed from speaker to speaker, much like you would expect from water.  Taylor’s vocals added to the atmosphere, complimenting well with the sound.  It just seemed like you are floating down the river…

This is the beauty of this album, it is progressive rock element with a relaxing flare to it.  The way they cause the notes to flow, the way they harmonize the vocals, the way they incorporate naturistic sounds… You don’t just hear what he is singing, you don’t just hear drums pounding in your brain or guitars wailing… You actually experience the music.  This is what takes this record from mediocre to great.  The fact that it speaks to all levels of the mind and soul.  Very few bands can produce music like this.  It is definitely worth the buy, worth the listen.  It is a musical theme that carries through to the last song, Vision.  Here, they deliver a knock out blow by performing a very upbeat rock your earbuds song.  It has the excitement of a climatic song, that plays like the kind of opera I would want to go to.

Randy Jackson