Dennis Hendricksen - Dreams Visions as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth Dreams & Visions is a beautiful musical journey successfully melding music and picture to story and quote.

Dreams & Visions
Artist: Dennis Hendricksen
Label: Golden Flame Records
Release Date: December 5, 2014
Duration: 10 tracks, 1:09:48


Dennis Hendricksen’s 20+ year concept project to work a Christian-based theme combining picture, story, quote and music in story succeeds not only in combination but in the rarely witnessed inclusion of jazz into Christian art – in this case a combination of jazz and fusion, rock and classical.

Vibrant and electrifying, Dreams & Visions moves from haunting melody to occasional raucous rock with foundationally solid percussion and moments of intoxicating jazz all structured in a way to emphasize the story also told by picture. The ‘art package’ comes in a stunning metal case holding a pamphlet containing both related art, story, quote, and the CD, the combination of which further the concept that the inpidual pieces are not stronger than the whole.

The opener, “Dream, #1: Waves Flash and Sparks Turn to Wings”, brings the listener to the stage making them part of the experience with energy building on energy. A calm spaciousness breaking to funk / fusion with hints of late ‘70s Jean-Luc Ponty. “Vision, #1: A Shadow Falls On the Garden” gives a mid-eastern spiritual tone of meditative theme giving way to adventurous guitar and solid percussion while “Hiatus, #1: Reflection” has soft wondering, spiraling low notes leading to the next segment.

As the first segment drifts to the second, “Dream, #2: Many Waters, Many Colours” uses the flute to carefully craft colors while keyboards and horns complete the wonderful picture. “Vision, #2: Scattered Stones” is underscored by deep, eastern percussion accented early and late with an Alan Parsons-like hook. “Hiatus, #2: Revelation” again gives the segment’s reflective qualities clearing the ear for the last and third segment.

A wondering, meandering piano, joined later by strings and horns lead the adventure which is “Dream, #3: The Wilderness Path Leads to a Mountain”. The wonderful confluence of piano and trumpet lay the foundation for “Vision, #3: Black Sky and Incarnadine Earth” begins with a dark, deep flute pipe giving way to a hotter playful beat.

“Hiatus, #3: Restoration” has a new reflective tone with clarinet and muted trumpet softly playing off each other leading to the finale in “Dream, #4: The Radiant Abyss, Twelve Pearls and a Throne” with eastern percussion underlying strings and the powerful addition of a pre-fusion Miles Davis-like trumpet.

Dreams & Visions is a beautiful musical journey successfully melding music and picture to story and quote. The combination is spacious, wondering, climbing musically with a meld of jazz, rock, fusion, classical music to Christian thought and story,


Scott S Mertens