Future Of Forestry - Pages as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth Solo vocals and duets shine with understated acoustic guitar, strings, and sensual percussion.

Artist: Future Of Forestry
Label: Sound Swan Records
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Duration: 14 tracks, 58:16

From Something Like Silas to Future Of Forestry, Eric Owyoung has proven to be both a gifted and passionate musician. Owyoung is the lead vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer of Future Of Forestry.

Combining compassionate lyrics to well matched melody, Owyoung has successfully created heart-felt music for close to two decades. In Pages, Owyoung has turned another page in his musical catalog but the new page is not a change in direction as much as a continuation into his compassionate writing. Pages is a soulful, quiet, introspective listening experience with deep-rooted lyrics and understated instrumentation. With many superb duets of Owyoung and Alina Kamilcho, the beauty of Pages abounds.

The combination of measured acoustic melody and soft vocals are powerful and seductive in “Hold My Hand” telling of what love truly and simply was, is and ever shall be. The opener is the first in a number of duets with Owyoung and Kamilcho displaying the magic of their combined vocals. “By the Water” has soft percussion matching the second offering of duet breaking to energetic refrain. Piano and percussion melt seamlessly into lyrics emitting memorable journeys into our youth in “Fireflies”. The pair's amazing duet makes their version of “Time After Time” shine in comparison to other recent remakes.

As a whole, Pages is a deeply felt listening experience well mastered by an expert poet and musician in Owyoung. From “Please Let Me Be”, “Seasons”, “Pages” and “Trust” with the magical combination of acoustic guitar picking, cello and vocals making the perfect trifecta, this collection is one to enjoy often.

In total, Pages is a soft alt-rock offering born from the author’s heart and given to your ear evoking personal memories wonderful and sad alike. Solo vocals and duets shine with understated acoustic guitar, strings, and sensual percussion.


Scott S Mertens


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