Pimps of joytownPimps of Joytime bring on the funk with influences ranging from Sly to Zappa to MuteMath!

Jukestone Paradise
Pimps Of Joytime
Write Home Records
10 tracks / 45 minutes

Although this is the band's third studio project, Pimps Of Joytime is (are?) probably not well known to most of you that are reading this – they certainly were an unknown quantity to me, but what a pleasantly funky, energizing dance-grooved surprise Jukestone Paradise turned out to be!

As low-down and funky as Brooklyn, where the project was recorded, this album has dance-grooves galore and owes a great debt to the classic rock and funk of Sly and The Family Stone - yet it starts off with a modern electric blues that owes an equal sonic and melodic debt to MuteMath's “Blood Pressure.” Mellotrons, three part harmonies, psychedelic guitar solos, Prince-inspired falsetto vocals, and a very live-in-studio sound, make Jukestone Paradise both familiar to the ear but totally unique in a market where auto-tuning is king.

You can pick any of the ten tracks on this album and have a fun listening experience. Full of basic 'have a good time' type of party lyrics - and at least one word you might not want your kids to sing along to, so be forewarned. There's nothing profound, no deep message, no social commentary – just funk, hot licks, and some pretty crazy jamming.

Yep. I'm definitely thinking Sly meets MuteMath (until MuteMath evolves to their next level on the forthcoming album, of course). So, as they sing in “Dank Janky” - an ambitious exercise in funk that eventually incorporates a middle-eastern influenced Zappa-like guitar solo (yep) - let these guys 'put the stank on you.'
These guys are serious about fun.

This is definitely an old-school party for your body and your ears, but with a nice, rough modern edge...

-Bert Saraco