Finding Favour, Reborn as reviewed in The Phantom Tollbooth

As first efforts go, Reborn shows promise.

Artist: Finding Favour
Label: Gotee Records
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Duration: 11 tracks, 40:44

Following the success for their initial 2013 EP project of the same name, Finding Favour has produced its first album in Reborn. Mostly praise and worship with some pop relationship and other influences mixed in, Reborn shows the bands range while giving a solid, if not pop teen orientated CCM collection.

Of the CCM-related songs, “Cast My Cares,” “Reborn,” and “Till Your Kingdom Comes” are anthemic. Losing the direction of pop praise and worship, “Feels Like the First Time” (not to be confused with the ‘70s Foreigner tune) is a teen-oriented dating song, “Tiny Town” is a crack at country and western, and “Say Amen (Reprise)” is a slower bluesy cut with good harmony.

“Be Like You” a soulful song of thanks for the children a man has is touching and truthful and “On the Water” shines with truthful lyrics and vocals. The latter is perhaps the best cut on the album, with smart lyrics playing against well-paced melody hitting home with its message.

With its mix of praise-and-worship and non-CCM songs, Reborn does not have a solid message throughout. One singular ‘feel’ is a pop focus for a teenage audience. While personal and skilled, the production is average and the lyrical scope limited to a very youthful audience. As first efforts go, Reborn shows promise.

 Scott S Mertens