shust doxPick of the Month.Nothing Is Lost
Artist: Aaron Shust
Band: Nate Bedingfield (guitars), Duffy (bass) and Brandon Coker (drums)
Centricity Records
Produced by Christian Paschal (2015)
10 Tracks
Running Length: 45 Minutes
Digital Download or CD at
Aaron Shust began as a solo recording star and in 2007 hit the jackpot by receiving a GMA Dove Award  for “My Saviour, My God” as Song of the Year.  After touring for many years, Shust became a Worship Leader at his home church in Pennsylvania, while still recording for Centricity Records. “Devotions” is his latest album due to be released the end of August 2015.
There are ten songs on the album and the arrangements are uplifting, so that if you had the lyrics in front of you, you would sing, too. “It is Finished,” is such a song. The third track, “O Praise,” speaks of “…one with him, we bear his name.”  “Come Quickly (Jesus)” has a rhythmic background that invites hand clapping as an accompaniment. A unique one is “Never Gonna Let Me Go” that includes a bit of the blues and a guitar riff.
There is variety among the original compositions and the instrumental arrangements are inspirational. This is a collection of songs for praise and thankfulness with an upbeat aspect to the music.

Copyright 2015 Marie Asner