jawsIt's Safe To Go Into The Water Now
Jaws 2: The Making Of The Hollywood Sequel
by Louis R. Pisano and Michael A. Smith
BearManor Media, PO Box 71436, Albany, GA 3. 31708. PB. pp 342. ISBN 9781593938376. (2015). Available in hardcover ($34.95) or paperback ($24.95)
This year is the 40th anniversary of the movie, "Jaws" that not only brought fear to people who gave up swimming in any kind of pond, but a soundtrack by composer John Williams that is recognizable virtually everywhere. What happened after the first movie?  Of course, there had to be a second---a sequel---and the making of that sequel, "Jaws 2" is the topic of this book by writers Louis R. Pisano and Michael A. Smith. The cover is a stunner. A labor of love in that it includes interviews with cast members and many location photos. Why is this important?  Because "Jaws 2" was the most successful sequel of all time, in its time...and it almost wasn't made.
The reader follows the pathway from the "of course it can be done---to oh, know, never---to what, another director"---to the finished product. Along the way are many anecdotes including moving the shark, learning how to sail and how to work with a mechanical shark.  I had heard a long time ago that the nickname for the shark in "Jaws"  was "Bruce," but I couldn't find if the shark in "Jaws 2" had a nickname or not.
Amity is still the town where the police chief has his office, a spacious beach and people were taught how to sail so they looked professional on film. There are hiring's and firings and re-writes and a backstage look at what goes into making a motion picture. This is a peek into history and if it took this much effort in 1978 to make "Jaws 2," what does it take a make a blockbuster film now?
You can read about how then-child star Ricky Schroeder got green hair, why one of the stars (Roy Scheider) of the first "Jaws" film was reluctant to be in this second movie and why there were two directors. Interesting trivia information and background on the stars who have gone on to have large careers in Hollywood such as John D. Hancock, Jeannot Szwarc,  Carl Gottlieb, Lenora May and Joseph Mascolo. .
A book for movie fans that includes what goes into directing, acting, writing and casting . The writing flows.
Copyright 2015 Marie Asner