Salvatella offers good musicianship with an eclectic offering.


Artist: Breadfoot
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: August 1, 2015
Duration: 8 tracks, 21:16


Salvatella is the fourth full-length recording by Stephen Meyers aka Breadfoot. Although his music crosses a number of genres its foundation lies in Americana / eclectic alt-folk. Breadfoot’s music lends itself well to film as heard in PBS documentaries and a few features.

Of the eight tracks, there are three instrumentals including the albums namesake, “Salvatella”, weaving mysterious and meandering acoustic guitar similar to a softer version of early Leo Kottke. Two of the other instrumentals, “The Weight Of Your Hand” and “Still Can’t (Find My Heart)” along with “Honey Please” are far lighter in scope attempting to produce a comedic side to the collection.

“For My Sake” is a slow and painful country-laden offering with vocals both dry and distinct sounding much like Warren Zevon. The slow banjo-lead “Valentine” is a folk / country ballad with a solid female duet.

Salvatella offers good musicianship with an eclectic offering. This collection of Americana as a whole is an odd, misaligned selection of tunes with no real continuity.


Scott S Mertens