Beauty in simplicity – look no further!

Artist: Alma
Label: Independent
Release Date:
  The Travel Size EP January 19, 2016
  You & I (Live) December 24, 2015
  The Travel Size EP 4 tracks, 13:06
  You & I (Live) 1 track, 3:37

The Travel Size EP:

It moves. It grooves. It shines. All with quality vocals and great range, well written, performed and engineered makes these jazz-pop offerings stick. Alma not only wrote and produced the EP but also layers her voice throughout.

Bright and bouncing with percussion as its base, “Get-Go” is a romantic jazz-pop xxx showcasing Alma’s airy, innocent vocal qualities. The energy inherent in the song, the mastering in breaks, fades, and tempo changes make this a winner!

“Medicine Man” has minimal piano, light percussion and flowing vocals, sending the listener into a free fall where it is so easy to forget the message in a dream-like aura of vocal triumph. Listen for the understated electric guitar at song’s mid-point to end accentuating the message. Acoustic guitar and up-tempo vocals bring “Oh, K” to the top. Listen for the break and the feel. “West Side Winter” (featuring Marcus Broderick) is soft and gentle. The duet flies with Alma’s lift but soaring vocals having a foundation with Broderick’s vocals entering softly in the first refrain to share his lead. A very well balanced duet.

You & I (Live, Single)

“You & I (Live)” is slow and cautious with acoustic guitar and vocals mixing to tell a story of a relationship, done with mature innocence on the part of the musicians.

Beauty in simplicity – look no further!

Note: To get a feel for Alma’s art and Christian foundation see her videos at!catalogue/cjwu

Scott S Mertens