New vocal group includes former Avalon member

This Changes Everything
Artist: Cana’s Voice (
Label: StowTown Records
Length: 54 minutes 

2016 is already a momentous year for former Avalon member Jody McBrayer. Earlier he released Keep Breathing, his first full-length solo recording in 14 years, and now he returns with Cana’s Voice, a new group making their debut. Joining him is TaRanda Greene, a regular featured vocalist on Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir projects, and Doug Anderson a founding member of Signature Sound.

You hear a little of all their backgrounds on This Changes Everything: pop, R&B, inspirational, country and gospel. Doug Anderson brings an enjoyable country flavor to the tracks in which he sings lead. My favorite might be “Love Anyway,” which encourages listeners to stay when feeling like leaving. 

One unique track musically is “I Give it to You,” with banjo and hand-clap leading the way on a song about God redeeming everything brought to Him. 

The sound is contemporary but conservative. At times I hear a southern gospel influence on this recording. This is crafted in such a way as to give it broad appeal. Even so, I give the edge to McBrayer’s  solo release because musically it’s a little more sophisticated. However, if you are a fan of McBrayer, or of the past work of the other two artists, you will most likely enjoy this and want to add it to your collection. 

As you might guess given the resumes of these singers, the vocals are stellar. The production is clean. The songwriting is loaded with encouragement and solace. 

One of my favorite lines comes from the chorus of “Jesus Never Fails”: “You might as well get behind me, Satan/You cannot prevail/Because Jesus never fails.” 

Aside from the work of artists like Keith and Kristyn Getty, you might not hear songs about the blood of Jesus that are relevant to those not raised on hymns like “Power in the Blood.” “Let the Blood Speak for Me” succeeds admirably in music and sentiment. It not only speaks for me but to me. 

The album also includes a lovely, soulful rendering of Kirk Franklin’s “Hello Fear.” 

“Holy Spirit Come Fill this Place” is petition and worship. It’s beautiful to hear all three members gently harmonizing on the chorus. This could be a closing song in concert as well as serving as the closer here. 

Michael Dalton