Maron Gaffron The Holding Pattern album cover This talent knows no bounds.

Maron Gaffron
The Holding Pattern

Long time Ping member Maron Gaffron branches out with her solo effort The Holding Pattern. With vocals somewhat in the range of Beki Hemingway, there is a wide variety of sounds her – Gaffron could easily fit into a coffeehouse setting, a rock arena, or even a jazz bar – her sound is somewhere between silky and sultry. “God Knows Where” opens with an organ and proceeds into a full on Gospel/blues jam at the bridge. With lines like “give me strength to stand” and “take me where you’re going because you know where I’ve been”, the message is obvious. “This I Know” is an update of the traditional childrens’ chorus “Jesus Loves Me”. “Return to Me” is a plea from Jesus, a parallel of the relationship between God and Israel.  
“Everything in Love” portrays I Corinthians 13 in verse, and “Plowing On” refers to the return of Christ and the need to keep working until that day comes.  
The Holding Pattern is aptly named, with recurring themes of events and changes not having arrived yet. Throughout the album hope is evident, and visions of things yet unseen.  
Brian A. Smith