Insight and versatility from a tragically under-valued artist. 


Justin McRoberts
Everything Has Changed (EP)

Justin McRoberts has flown under the radar in most music circles for years, despite having one of the most versatile voices today. In some ways Everything Has Changed recalls VOL’s Audible Sigh in terms of vocals and its use of mandolin. The title track, in fact, is somewhere in between Bill Mallonee and Bob Dylan vocally, while speaking of personal growth lyrically.

“What does grace mean if all is lost?” This is the question that haunts “I Know You’re That Way, Too.” “Candles and Kerosene” speaks of a mismatched couple, and could be a Matthew Ryan outtake, based on the singing on this track.

As always, McRoberts puts his abilities as a singer/songwriter and guitar player to good use. Fans will mourn the fact that this an EP rather than a full length project, but this is enough of a teaser to make us await his next output.

Brian A. Smith