Clearly, the driving quality behind Bühlmann’s Aineo is found in the title Aineo which translates ‘to praise, extol, to sing praises in honour to God’.

Artist: Roland Bühlmann
Label: Roland Bühlmann
Release Date: January 5, 2015
Duration: 7 tracks, 51:53

Roland Bühlmann’s solo debut Aineo is a Christian inspired instrumental with a strong basis in prog rock and modal interests. Aineo displays a fine tuned, emotionally laden effort. Bühlmann, a guitarist, composer and producer hailing from Switzerland lends everything of his craft with the exception of drums and percussion to the collection including all guitars, string instruments and synthesizers recorded from his home studio.

Aineo, in many ways, has similarities to later efforts by early prog psych rockers Jade Warrior both in progressive rock and expression. Throughout, there exists a driving quality as if guided by another, more powerful force. The collection’s lead, “Breakthrough”, is a prime example of hard driving prog rock. “Meldilorn” also shines with an echoing, pulsing movement reminiscent of later Jade Warrior prog psych.

Expressive composition is found in the album’s namesake, “Aineo”, having great play between lead, rhythm and percussion. “Ham’nagen” provides the listener with thought invoking moments with its Asian-like percussion and soft steady rhythm. Both “Unexpressed” and “Kenosis” have a spacious, dreamlike quality. A more perfect title could not have been given to “Contemplation”, a wonderful ending to the collection and the perfect muse for a soft summer evening.

The inside flap of the album’s digipak states, ‘While the musician played (ham’nagen), the hand of the LORD came upon him.’ The Bible, 2 Kings 3:15b. Clearly, the driving quality behind Bühlmann’s Aineo is found in this statement and the title Aineo which translates ‘to praise, extol, to sing praises in honour to God’.


Scott S Mertens