Walking On Down The Road 

Artists: Grayson/Reed
Mike Grayson and Molly Reed


Centricity Music 2016, Available 1/13/17
6 Tracks “Walk,” “Bloom,” “Fight For You,” “Can't Get Enough,” “Be Revealed” and How This Ends”
25 minutes
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Musicians Mike Grayson and Molly Reed had known each other for years. They married several years ago, have a daughter, and now have combined talents for this CD entitled “Walk.” Mike Grayson was the lead singer for MIKESCHAIR with three albums. Molly Reed was part of City Harbor and then a popular songwriter for such artists as Marie Osmond and Amy Grant. With this abundance of talent, it is no wonder that Grayson/Reed has put out a remarkable album of  faith inspired songs with rhythmic complexity, lyrics and instrumentation.


“Walk” is an urge to do something with your life.  “What good is my life if I don't do anything..a little more motion, a little less wait...” The song flows easily. “Bloom” tells us that “...the world will try to break you.” Molly Reed begins this song and it ends in a good blend of voices. I particularly liked the percussion on this arrangement.  “Fight For You” is about marriage and the give-and-take of everyday life. Grayson and Reed alternate verses. “Can't Get Enough”  has a unique arrangement with a playful interlude. “Be Revealed”  is slow and dreamlike with “...keep giving when there is nothing left...” Jesus coming will be revealed.  “How This Ends” is telling the other person, “...I see you for who you are...”  Someone is found out.


Awaiting the next album with more songs---hopefully more than six at a time. Mike Grayson and Molly Reed have years of musicianship behind them and it shows in the timing, arrangements and lyrics of their music.  



Copyright 2016 Marie Asner