Insomniac Folklore - Everything Will BurnInsomniac Folklore returns with Everything Will Burn - an album they claim leaves behind the "riotous singalongs" of the past in favor of "a warmer, richer sound that is simultaneously mature, rootsy, and deeply, darkly satisfying." So did they accomplish what they say they did?

Title: Everything Will Burn
Artist:  Insomniac Folklore
Label: Independent
Time: 12 tracks/34:00 min.

I would say they did. While the promo materials make it seem like this is a different Insomniac Folklore, I have always found them to be rootsy, deep, and dark. The sing-along factor is dialed back, and there are more experimental aspects to many songs. But the core of what made Insomniac Folklore work in the past is still present. On one hand, you have "Dust" sounding like an underground industrial track from the 90s with distorted guitars and growled vocals. On the other hand, you have songs like "Feet in the Earth" that are still hearken back to the Insomniac riotous camp. Most tracks, like the title track, matches the new direction description very well. Yet somehow they never really descend into the "every song sounds the same" problem that many other dark rootsy bands fall into. Some of that has to do with the Tetrad parts 1-4 instrumental tracks scattered through the album (nice touch). Some of that has to do with some surprise song twists like the industrial-eque flourish in "Dust" (but I won't spoil the twists in the other songs). Some of that has to do with the tradeoff between the heavenly female singing and the (almost tortured sounding) male lead vocals. Tyler Hentschel's voice is an acquired taste I am sure, but I happen to enjoy it. Older fans should give the new direction a chance, while new fans looking for a dark, twisted, Sci-Fi meets ancient album should give it a shot.

By Matt Crosslin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) (August 10, 2017)
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