Eric Owyoung seems to get more cinematic with every release.

Label: Sound Swan Records
Time: 10 tracks / 39 mins

Eric Owyoung has had a relatively straight line to his musical career.

After time with Christian indie rockers Something Like Silas, he formed Future of Forestry (named after a C. S. Lewis poem) as a similar act, although there was something more creative about them from the start.

For some time he has been the only member of the ‘band’, so that his vision does not have to be diluted.

Over the last few albums in particular, his widescreen sonic approach has become more instrumentally-focused. 2016’s Awakened to the Sound had spells that were highly cinematic.

This release is fully instrumental, using his keys and featuring cello from Katie Burns of the Denver Philharmonic. He again creates music that would suit movie soundtracks – and the videos for "Abundance" and "Seer" use abstract imagery to turn the sound into colour.

By the time the title track has reached three minutes, he has opened with a cathedral of sound echoing church organ and choral accompaniment, built it up and brought it right down to a cello melody over rippling strings and piano undercurrents. And there are trademark subtle xylophone accents at the very top end.

Tracks are never cluttered, sometimes building minimalist pieces up with sweeping sections, but generally leaving an overarching sense of peace and beauty, laced with hints of melancholy.

Owyoung now owns a studio and both the quality and purity of sound are clearly important to him.

For those who want to try before they buy, or are simply curious, the album is on Bandcamp here.

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