Hello, Again

Nothing To Fear
Artist: Jennifer Shaw
Accompanying Musicians: Jeremy Johnson (keyboard), Dave Cleveland (guitar), Gary Lunn (bass),  Scott Williamson (drums and percussion), David Davidson and David Angell (violin) and Monica Angell (viola)
10 Tracks
40 Minutes
CD Album       98577-12552-2

This is one of several albums, through the years, that  I have reviewed of Jennifer Shaw’s work.  Shaw hasn’t recorded an album for four years, and now has come out with a 10-set CD including two favorites from past albums, “It Is Well With My Soul” and “Porch Swing.” Her lyrics and melodies flow and you will find yourself thinking about them after the album is finished. Jennifer Shaw has quite a recording and music video history. She is on the program for a 2019 Aspire women’s conference, has published a book, “Life Not Typical” concerning having a special needs child, won a Telly Award for a music video and has adopted three special needs children as part of her family.

As part of Jennifer Shaw’s music group, we see familiar names such as Paul Marino, David Angell, Monica Angell, Jeremy Johnson and Scott Williamson. Having worked with this group for years, the selections on this CD are relaxing to listen to.  Notes glide into notes into phrases and Shaw’s voice rides atop like whipped cream on hot chocolate.  Jennifer Shaw’s voice is clear and excellent pronunciation. Her lyrics come through with intensity.

“Nothing to Fear” begins the CD, and the lyrics answer the call, “wherever you want, wherever you lead, whatever you say, I will do.” That special call continues through “A Greater Love” lyrics, “He sets the lonely in a family.”  A duet with musician/producer Paul Marino is “Forever Family” and lyrics of  “a place where they are home and they never feel alone.”  “Living Abundantly” has a lively beat and states, “Fall down on me, fall fresh on me, Spirit, fall down on me, fall fresh on me.”  “Love In Action” has “Love in action, live in action, ‘cause our faith is shown in what we do.”  The last selection is “In Christ Alone,” which is sung as a hymn and the familiar phrases “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

I hope we don’t have to wait another four years for a Jennifer Shaw album, but in the meantime, “Nothing To Fear” has hope, inspiration, love and faith.  Enjoy.

Copyright 2019 Marie Asner