The electro pop worship on the first two songs is a delight.

Label: Spotlight Music Group
Length: 4 songs/20 minutes

God’s relentless pursuit is the theme of the opening “Love Won’t Stop,” a rich blend of electronic and programmed energy. The chorus erupts in celebration, “Your love won’t stop/Your love will not give up/Relentlessly you pursue me.” This is true despite any lack of awareness. Music and lyric combine in a joyful ode to God’s faithfulness. His love continues regardless of circumstance and even failure on our part.

I like the opening electronic rush that starts a cascade of programmed percussion on “You Are My Treasure.” Each unique beat lays a foundation for the exquisite wash of sound that follows.

It includes one of my favorite lines, “I’m hanging on every word, every word you say,” just before breaking into a calming chorus, “I’ve never known a love like this before/So alive in the glory of you Lord/You are, you are, you are my treasure.” Since I tend to treasure other things, it’s a beautiful reminder of the most real and lasting treasure.

Rizzo sings this in a higher key; it might even be characterized as falsetto. That along with mesmerizing sound make it gorgeous.

Finally, in a bridge Rizzo repeats in a raised multi-voice, “Jesus you are all I want!” Another highlight on my favorite track.

Even though these first two tracks may be like a prelude to the two versions of the title track that follow, I find them more interesting because they lean toward electronic pop. I don’t mean to take anything away from “Paid It All.” It’s more worship oriented and will be the preference for corporate gatherings.

The ballad format that builds to a climax is overly familiar to me, and I am partial to what is outside the norm, along the lines of the first two tracks.

Nevertheless, my favorite line in the title track is, “If I had to bring payment for all of the error of my ways, I’d live and die in those chains. Thank you for all that you’ve done.” The song also makes effective use of the word “Hallelujah,” which seems to have fallen out of use in recent years.

Originally this was two songs written by Caleb Andrews, a friend of Rizzo. When the latter heard them both he immediately wanted to combine the best parts. He enjoys using it because it enables congregations to declare the finished work of Christ.

“Paid It All (Acoustic Version)” retains some electric instrumentation but in general is more stripped-down. Both versions are well done but I may favor this quieter one.

Rizzo currently lives in Kansas City, MO where he serves as a worship leader and in several other roles. He has recorded five solo albums and been featured on a number of compilations. He has traveled the world leading and teaching about worship. He has also produced musicals and films through his own production company.

Michael Dalton